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About Maleek Jackson

Fitness Boxing Gym

926 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Maleek Jackson

From ages 16 to 26 I was in the penitentiary being told what to do, when you wake up and what to eat. Did you ever use the bathroom with another man in the room, yeah that was my reality. I’ve seen a lot at an early age. Hopeless and defeated. Life was different on the inside you know but life is different now, I got all the hope in the world 🌎 it’s never how you start ..... it’s how you end, REMEMBER THAT ‼️

Maleek's Philosophy

With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose⚠️


If you want to be successful in life, you must stand on the shoulders of those next to you! You can’t do it alone. Napoleon Hill ( one of the first people to introduce what it known today as “Motivation”) speaks about the importance of creating what he calls the “Mastermind “ group. A mastermind group is two or more people that comes together in a spirit of harmony to achieve a definite chief aim, i.e a goal ! This goal ( whatever it may be ) can only be brought into reality through the co-operative efforts of 2 or more individuals, a team.

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Maleek's Philosophy Continued

Life is tricky. For one , you won’t make it out alive! Not knowing when your time is up on this earth is stressful enough. Then, on top of that you have to make the best out of your stay here between life and death. People are going to judge you & tell you NO or you can’t do this or that, because of the color of your skin, because of the mistakes you made, because of the your religion‼️So , not only won’t you make it out of life alive, but you also won’t make it out without being judged! We are being judged by people who pretend like they themselves can’t be judged ‼️ LIVE WITH NO REGRETS, LOVE YOURSELF , LOVE YOUR RACE. LOVE YOUR RELIGION. No matter who you are or what religion you subscribe too . YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY ♥️

Maleek Jackson

Fitness Boxing Gym Opens

I’m happy to announce the opening of my own gym Maleek Jackson Fitness & Boxing ( our location will be in the northern liberties section of Philadelphia). It took a lot of money, hard-work, discipline & faith! With the uncertainty of my future due to the closing of the Joe Hand Boxing Gym, which I’m sad to announce 😢it was a move I had to make to insure my livelihood wasn’t disturbed and in order for me to continue to provide for me , my family and the many people that’s dependent on me. I’ll forever be grateful for the Joe Hand family for what they’ve done for me. Without saying any names, I would also like to thank the many people who helped me make this possible.

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From Incarceration to Inspiration

Maleek Jackson knows all about pain and struggle. He was born in the heart of South Philadelphia and became involved in a life of crime during his teenage years. At the tender age of 16, Maleek was sentenced to 8-16 years in the State Penitentiary. After spending ten years of his life in prison, Maleek decided to start all over. He discovered his love for boxing and fitness in prison, and he decided to turn his dreams into a reality. 


926 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


Monday - Friday: 7 AM - 11 AM & 3 PM - 7 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 11 AM & 3 PM - 5 PM

Sunday: Closed


(267) 444-5833