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Maleek Jackson knows all about pain and struggle. He was born in the heart of South Philadelphia and became involved in a life of crime during his teenage years. At the tender age of 16, Maleek was sentenced to 8-16 years in the State Penitentiary. After spending ten years of his life in prison, Maleek decided to start all over. He discovered his love for boxing and fitness in prison, and he decided to turn his dreams into a reality.
The odds were stacked against him but he didn't let that stop him. Maleek understood the power of hope and self-development. He spent his last five years in prison planning a new life. In this inspiring and personal book, Maleek talks about his mistakes, and his ten years behind bars. He experienced many tragedies during that decade, but he turned his pain into purpose. By refusing to give up, Maleek created a successful career in less than three years.
He is considered the top personal trainer in the Philadelphia area. He trains a plethora of city officials, professionals, athletes, and entrepreneurs. He created a sponsorship program called "Trust the Process" where he trains and provides tutoring sessions for inner city youth in the Philadelphia area. Maleek is living proof that it's never too late to start over. He changed his life around and he believes that you can too. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. Maleek encourages us to rise above reality and chase our dreams. Ten years in prison couldn't stop Maleek, and he believes that nothing can stop you.



Learn more about Maleek and his journey from prison to a successful trainer, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer in Philadelphia and beyond. His book "From Incarceration to Inspiration" was written by Raelia Lewis. Intense and inspiring, this is a story worth reading.



In 2017 Wade was inducted into PA Boxing Hall of Fame. He started boxing at 14 years old with friends from his neighborhood at the ABCDEF Center in Brewerytown. As an amatuer, Wade had 45 wins and 5 losses with a career 25 KOs. He went Pro at the tender age of 16. His first professional match was in 1975, and went undefeated for 12 fights with 6 KOs. His career ended early due to an eye injury, with a record of 14-2.
Immediately after retiring, Wade started coaching in 1981 and has been coaching ever since. He and his students have won three national champions. Students Chazz Witherspoon made the 2004 Olympic team, Teon Kennedy fought in the 2012 super Bantamweight,  Middleweight Lajuan Simon fought for 2 world titles, and Arthur Abraham in Germany in 2009 with a loss due to controversial decision. Wade’s students include many other fighters that had successful careers.
Wade started doing personal training for a variety of clients in 2010. His client list includes famous Philly chefs Michael Solomonov and Brad Spence, ex-wife of Brent Celek, and many others. From trashmen, to lawyers, doctors, and CEOs, Wade teaches anyone at any level of experience who wants to learn the sweet science of boxing. Look out for him as Michael B. Jordan’s corner man in Creed II!


Founded by Maleek Jackson, this gym's mission is to bring passion and energy to everyone who comes inside. Our gym is a community as much as it is a place to workout and train. Maleek Jackson and his trainers have trained clients from total beginners to professional boxers, as well professional athletes and celebrities such as Joe Flacco, Dion Waiters, and Meek Mill.



Hanif and Maleek share a similar story. Hanif started boxing at 11 years old but drifted from it after getting caught up in the streets. This lifestyle cost him his freedom at the age of 18 and 20. After being released he started training himself in health nutrition and fitness.
To further his knowledge and skill, Hanif trained with Calvin “Strictly Business” Davis, a professional boxer who was 22-1 before going to prison himself for a federal charge. With Davis, he truly came to appreciate the “science of boxing.” Additionally, Hanif trained with Salone Harris, world renowned trainer, for two years taking his skills further still.
Inspired by what he’s learned and the impact of his trainers, Hanif decided to dedicate his life to training others. He focuses on nutrition, strength and conditioning, and boxing. He received a training and nutrition masters training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. Always looking for new clients and professional athletes. Taking amateur boxers and helping them develop their craft and make it pro. A lifetime student of the game of boxing in Philadelphia.




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The Maleek Jackson Fitness Boxing Gym is for beginners to pros looking for an intense, satisfying workout that works the whole body.

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